What Are The Steps Of The Girlfriend Activation System?

Today I wanted to bring your attention to a dating and attraction course for men called the Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS). It’s garnered a lot of attention and a strong following over the past year, and there have been some really excellent reviews written about it, so I won’t go into every detail in this post. If you want to learn more about this fantastic program, here’s a good starting point: http://wonderwarp.com/girlfriend-activation-system-review-date-9s-and-10s-with-ease/

While I’m not going to review every single detail of the course (see http://newspapercat.org for a complete Girlfriend System walkthrough), what I did want to do in this post was lay-out the basic steps of the Girlfriend Activation System. But before I do that, I should probably back up just a bit in case you’re here reading this and have never heard of GFAS before.

So basically, the Girlfriend Activation System is an online course that teaches men how to get a girlfriend step-by-step…and how to keep her. Seems pretty simple and straight-forward on the surface, but it’s really much more than that.

What it really teaches you is how to be a man…the alpha male…a MAN who naturally attracts women not because of the seduction “tricks” he knows, but because of the type of man he is. When it comes right down to it, men who are true “alphas” don’t need tricks, manipulations, or cheesy pick-up lines to get women.

And after you go through the GFAS course and put it to use, neither will you.

Here are the steps the Girlfriend Activation System takes you through. These steps aren’t laid out specifically like this in the program. This is more my take on how I would classify the material taught throughout the 23 different video modules.

Step 1: Inner Game – I classify this step as “Inner Game” because in order to get a girlfriend, you first have to become the type of guy a woman would actually want to date. In other words, this is where you get your sh*t together through things like sexuality, dominance, being genuine, being a challenge, and so on and so forth so you can actually be a man worthy of her obsession.

Step 2: Impression – Ok, now you’re a stud so the next step is to learn how to approach women and make an awesome first impression. (Or use “King Game” to get women to approach you instead.)

Step 3: What To Say – You made your move. Don’t just stand there like an idiot. Learn what to say to create instant attraction and get her to like you right from the start.

Step 4: Inspection – Good job. She likes you, but she’s not going to date you just yet. First you have to pass all of her “tests” and make it through her “inspection gauntlet”. GFAS teaches you how.

Step 5: Dating – A little battered and bruised after she whipped your butt to find out what type of man you really are, but you passed her tests and now it’s time to get dating. Learn how to set up the type of dates that will make her want to be your girlfriend including the first date, the social date, and even the sex date.

Step 6: Strengthening Your Connection Through Intimacy – She hasn’t got tired of you yet or stopped replying to your phone calls and texts?  Dang man, you’re a total badass! You must be doing something right. Now it’s just about creating intimacy so she’ll actually want to be your girlfriend.

Step 7: Keeping Her Around – Ok, you did it. She’s your girlfriend now. The last step is to learn how to keep her around. Easy? Not always. The Girlfriend System has you covered.

Well, there you have it. A brief synopsis of what to expect from the different Girlfriend Activation System steps.

There’s a TON of stuff in this program. It’s definitely one of the best courses out there for helping men get REALLY good with women.

If you want a more detailed review of GFAS, check out that link I posted at the top of this article. Alternatively, you can also go here to check out the program directly.

March 20, 2015