Put The Arguments To Rest– Start Loving

You’re in love. Everything seems so perfect. You can smell the roses and see the sun shining. Naturally everyday won’t be sunshine– more than likely there will be a lot of gloomy days. Arguing is healthy but being consistently angry and in extreme frustration with your partner is not healthy.

Here are a few tips to help you stop arguing and start loving:

1. TALK: It is quite typical to have men resist talking about their feelings. In today’s modern world, there are many women whom are the same in this regard. Letting a problem in a relationship go unresolved spells dooms for future relationship health. Even if you think the problem is silly, talk it out!

2. Date Night: After being in relationships for a while, date nights tend to vanish. With work schedules, extra activities, or even having children, couples tend to put priorities into other areas. Don’t forget special “you” time.

3. Special gestures: No guys, not hand gestures… You should be doing affectionate little things for your special someone. Some ideas could be going to dinner at his or her favorite restaurant, giving each other massages or sending your significant other an unexpected gift, such as flowers.

4. Little things: Let them go. Arguing and fighting about the little things is not worth it. Ever sit there after an argument and wonder, “Did we really just fight about that?”

The two main reasons for arguments today are money and lack of communication. They are both actually the leading cause for divorce. Spending time talking about finances can even be romantic if you use it as an opportunity to help, understand and share with one another.

Spending the time now to get an understanding of different strategies for relationship success will go a long way towards getting there! Communication, spending time together and doing the little things right are all essential components as well. Granted, not everyone is going to be blessed with the same skills for expressing themselves but those who do harness the ability should practice their strengths. Love is about sharing and understanding. You wouldn’t want to stifle the loved one in your life by not letting them communicate or by not trying to stimulate communication from them. The goal is to foster understanding and to build the bond that you both share. Invest in the person and share their highs and lows– then you’ll be well on your way to relationship bliss.

January 8, 2015