97% Of Women Are “Incompetent” At This Sexual Skill According To Men

The Sexual Skill 97% Of Women Aren't Nearly As Good At As They Think

Today, my friend told me something crazy.  In fact, it’s so crazy that if you’re a woman, it might make you feel embarrassed, shocked, and even ANGRY!  You might not look at sex and men the same way ever again.

So what is it?

My friend Cassidy Lyon over at Digital Romance, Inc. just completed a series of surveys about men, women, and sex.  What she found was this…

A whopping 89% of men said they would rather masturbate than get a handjob from their wife or girlfriend because “she never does it right”.

If that’s not bad enough, almost every single guy she interviewed also admitted to sometimes faking it and just enduring a bad handjob so as to “not hurt her feelings”.

Stranger yet, nearly all women surveyed rated themselves as being pretty darn good at handjobs.  So my take: there’s A LOT of really bad handjobs going on out there, but guys are keeping their mouths shut about it so as not to “rock the boat”.

That’s the bad news . . .

But there’s definitely a silver lining here because Cassidy took everything she learned from those surveys and created an incredible video where she teaches women how to give men truly UNFORGETTABLE handjobs.

This comes after Cassidy herself fell victim to one of the worst handjob horror stories I’ve ever heard.  She tells the embarrassing story in this video.  You really MUST watch it if you want to know what goes on in a man’s mind when you’re touching him and why he lies and won’t tell you when you’re doing it ALL wrong.

What Cassidy reveals is an amazing way to get a man sexually addicted to you. Watch it here or learn more about the Stroke of Genius at www.michaelfiore.org.

November 14, 2016

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